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Entries Written Sujan Patel

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Cold Calling

Experts have been predicting the demise of cold calling for years. But while it’s true that cold calling as we used to know it isn’t as effective as it used to be, it’s far from dead. Today’s cold outreach simply requires a different approach. As tempting as it might seem, writing off cold calling could …

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How to Overcome the 12 Most Common Sales Objections

In an ideal world, your prospects are ready, willing, and able, thanks to your lead qualification process. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, so objections can and will come up. While you can’t avoid them, you can learn how to overcome them effectively, and how to turn a ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ into a …

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How to Manage a Sales Team

Managing a sales team is no easy feat, especially when you consider the importance of its role in your company’s success. On top of monitoring quotas and meeting target metrics, you’re also in charge of getting the right people on the bus, coaching them, and upholding team morale. As the sales team leader, you have …

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The Top 8 Sales Methodologies to Consider for Your Business

It’s one thing to make sales, but it’s entirely another to find a system that delivers scalable, measurable, repeatable growth. That’s where sales methodologies come in. Companies implement sales methodologies in their organizations to enable predictability and turn uncertain chaos into guaranteed success. When you find a process that works, you don’t need to reinvent …

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