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Entries Written Sujan Patel

Meeting Request Email Templates + Subject Lines

It’s no secret: people are busy, especially senior executives and managers that hold decision-making power. If you’re cold calling or otherwise trying to pitch these prospects unannounced, it’s easy for them to use their busy schedule as an excuse to brush you off before you’ve had a chance to prove your value. One of the …

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How to Start a Cold Call

Cold calling gets a lot of bad press. We’re always hearing that it’s no longer an effective sales tactic, that it’s “dead.” With all that negativity flying around, it’s easy to forget one simple – but extremely relevant – point: many buyers actively want you to call them. That’s right. Three-fifths of C-level and VP …

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How to Get Past the Gatekeeper (With Templates)

Cold emails are an awesome tool for generating new leads and building relationships. The ability to target your message and refine it over time opens the door to high-quality leads. However, there’s usually someone standing in that doorway – a gatekeeper. Whether they’re an executive assistant or a regional manager, they’re tasked with guarding the …

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