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How Ashley Ryan Builds Authenticity at Scale With Mailshake

Brand authenticity is a key element of successful marketing, and Ashley Ryan knows this well. She expertly leverages authenticity in her business to differentiate her company and build stronger connections with prospects and clients. As Founder and CEO of Her Smart Marketing, an agency focused on helping other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, Ashley has …

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The Cold Email Masterclass

8 Practical lessons to make you an expert cold emailer.

8 emails with advanced tips, templates, and tools to help you:

  • Build more targeted lists
  • Find the best emails more quickly
  • Write copy that drives opens and replies
  • Analyze, optimize, and scale your outreach

Everything You Need to Know About Sales Pipelines

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your sales pipeline is, in essence, a picture – a visualization of the sales process. But just because you’ve put together a visual representation of your deals in progress doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the secret recipe down pat. In fact, 63% of executives believe their teams could …

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The Anatomy of a Great Sales Pitch (With Examples)

Your sales pitch is arguably the single most essential piece of your sales process. It’s your mission, brand statement, business card, and company persona, all rolled into a brief, persuasive presentation. And since you only have a few seconds to make a strong impression and keep your prospect’s attention to the end, delivering a sales …

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13 Best Practices for LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn is a gold mine of prospect information for sales and outreach, but the platform is so vast, it can be hard to know where to begin. It can also be daunting if you prefer a low-key approach and don’t want to be seen as aggressive or “salesy.” If you’re hesitant to jump in, remember …

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